Follow my blog with Bloglovin Africanacity – a new word for a longstanding attitude

Africanacity – a new word for a longstanding attitude

Africanacity – a new word for a longstanding attitude

Africanacity – a new word for a longstanding attitude

Absa Group Limited is a leading pan-African banking group and one of the top 40 companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. The Group has a presence in 12 African countries and an international representative office in London and New York. With a balance sheet of US$91 billion in assets, approximately 40,000 employees, more than 1,000 branches, and nearly 10,000 ATMs, Absa Group Limited is ready to make a mark on the African continent, has launched its brand in February 2020.

As an African bank that is connected to the continent, the bank believes Africa is a continent with vast opportunities largely unspoken. All too often, news headlines dwell on Africa’s macro challenges, overlooking its track record of creative, ingenious and often unique, home-grown solutions to problems.

While Africa’s challenges remain true, the continent has a remarkable ability to overcome obstacles in ingenious ways. A walk down any bustling African city – from Lusaka to Johannesburg; Lagos to Nairobi – quickly reveals that Africa is a continent of doers, always going above and beyond to get things done.

At Absa, we have taken a closer look at our business, our people and the people we serve, determined to

forge a refreshed, fit-for-purpose bank that has meaning and relevance in the lives of our customers and colleagues. We believe that Africa has a unique way of getting things done, a way that could inspire us as one of the continent’s largest banking and financial services groups. However, we didn’t have a word to describe this

– so we created one:

             Africanacity – the distinctly African ability to always find ways to get things done.

As an organisation, we are inspired by the spirit of Africanacity, which thrives on turning every challenge into an opportunity. We are inspired by people who challenge traditional ways of thinking. Africanacity is the inspiration behind Absa. In defining this word, we commit to helping people find a way to achieve their goals and to realise their dreams.

In Zambia, every day we are inspired by so many people who try to make a difference regardless of the obstacles that are before them. In the true essence of Africanacity, we were able to recognise two people who inspired Absa Bank Zambia PLC.

Robert Shimaingo, a fisherman based in Kafue, is a true champion of Africanacity through his ingenuity.

He realised that refrigeration problems were hampering his community’s ability to get a fair market price for their fish. He turned around these challenges and built a floating, hydropower river turbine that generates power to refrigerate fish onsite, keeping them fresher for longer and ultimately, increasing his community’s competitiveness at the local market. But Shimaingo went a step further and used the turbine’s excess energy to power the once-powerless fishing village.

Joseph Lungu is another true definition of Africanacity, a self-taught engineer who has turned scrap metal into a sports car. As a Bank that supports homegrown solutions, we are inspired by him because he continues to drive innovation by using roadside wrecks to fulfil his motoring dream.

We believe that everyone needs a financial partner who will help them realise their possibility. From our colleagues and customers to the continent at large, Africanacity is a call to action for everyone. It’s a  defined term to describe a longstanding attitude. It’s what drives and inspires everything Absa believes in and above all, it drives the beautiful continent we are here to serve.

Mizinga Melu is the Managing Director of Absa Bank Zambia PLC

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