Follow my blog with Bloglovin 4 tested strategies for a team to uplift sales using appointment scheduling!

4 tested strategies for a team to uplift sales using appointment scheduling!

4 tested strategies for a team to uplift sales using appointment scheduling

“Approach each customer with the idea of helping him or her: solve a problem or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service. - Brian Tracy”

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear the word “SALES”? Selling a product or service, isn’t it?  But do you understand how much does this particular word mean to any organisation?  As per a research study in 2019, all organisation ranging from startups to huge MNCs are expected to increase the headcount for sales department by 35.6%.

Each member from a sales team is now trying their best to improve their sales methodology, increase their efficiency of a sales process and to meet their agenda. A sales team only goal with every meeting is to either close the deal or move closer towards closing the deal. To achieve this, everything needs to be streamlined, starting from their first call to the client until deal closure. 

So, how do you plan on streamlining the whole meeting process? 
Yes, its via an appointment scheduling software. As per a report from BookedINs, more than 350,000+ appointment bookings were made only in three months where 53% of total booking was made by the team and 47% by the client itself.  Not just that, as per finances online, more than 37% of the population are looking for businesses on social media platforms. The numbers are WOW and this itself shows how crucial appointment bookings can be for a sales team where they need to meet a number of clients each day and achieve their company’s sales goal. 


Let's discuss today more on how can any sales team reach their targets by using an online appointment scheduling software. 

One Time Confirmation

In today’s busy schedule, a sales team can’t rely on to and fro emails for their meetings. Over that, you are already aware of how you react to any sales call! Now imagine the combination of two… Do you think this method would be an efficient one? No, right! 

Sales team can probably on their first call request a meeting with their prospects and provide them availability page link. Now prospects depending on their need of your product will look at your available time, also at the time they don’t have a clash, and book a meeting with you. In other words, for sales time it is like rather than beating around the bush, “Hitting right at it”.  I believe this meeting would increase the chances of conversion at an exponential rate. 

Providing the right amount of meeting details

Let’s say I want to book a meeting with you and in the details write “Let’s meet”. How interested will you be? Will you look forward to this meeting? Frankly speaking, NO! 

A sales team member sending a meeting link should be very clear about what a prospect needs to know for this meeting. They must include every minute details in a very crisp and clear way that shouts the meeting agenda. Now, another most important thing to provide is the meeting location. You need to make sure that you clearly specify if this meeting is going to be just a telephonic conversation or a skype call or in-person meeting. 

Using an appointment scheduling software takes care of all of them and makes sure that every minute details are visible to users on your meeting page link.  Depending on what agenda is written, prospects can figure out the importance and book accordingly. 

Creating availability depending on prospect domains

It is possible that your services are not restricted to just one domain and has the capability to workout in the domain of any type say healthcare, telecommunication, gaming, etc. Each person working in these domains has its own set of time availability. Say a telecommunication domain person depending on timezone will be available during your graveyard hours and so on. Using online appointment scheduling software, sales team can create a different availability throughout 24 hours of the day to target each domain. 

Ideal sales time

There is no use calling your prospects or trying to set a meeting with them when they are like super busy and not in the zone to listen to your pitch. This, in turn, reduces one prospect conversion from your list which matters a lot from an organisational point of view. So what times are most ideal for calling your prospects or clients that can increase conversion graph? 

Ideally, Wednesday and Thursday either after breakfast or post afternoon are said to be the best sales call zones. Never ever schedule a meeting for Mondays as this is the time when prospects are planning their work schedule for the whole coming week. Any interruption in these times will lead to prospects getting frustrated.  Using online scheduling software, you can create availability for Wednesday and Thursday and start targeting your clients.

Appointment scheduling software has created a buzz since 2014 now and is now being used at a huge rate. When looked from sales end, this here can be a boon for them if they make full use of it. It not just increases the sales process efficiency but also increases the conversion rate at an extreme level. 

About the author

Chandra Bhushan ( ) is a product manager and has experience working with different appointment scheduling applications since 3+ years. He loves writing about social media, digital marketing and productivity. Currently, he is working with Smooper which is a free appointment scheduling platform for marketers. If you’re a social media marketer, take a step and register on Smooper for free here.

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