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The Best Cheap Web Hosting For Africans and Zambians

The Best Cheap Web Hosting For Africans and Zambia

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The Best Cheap Web Hosting For Africans and Zambians.....WordPress web hosting is one of the hottest trending issues online. The reason is simple for all websites/blogs to go online they require WEB HOSTING, which makes finding a cheap reliable web hosting solution maddening nowadays, more especially that there are a lot of companies offering the pathetic services to the general in today's review we bring to Namecheap shared cheap WordPress hosting...

NameCheap is an independent domain registrar founded back in 2000, with the web hosting option coming online in 2007. As a domain registrar, they have proved to be the most classic, cheap and reliable services provider ever. Moreover offering a variety of packages for a company so new to the hosting game such as web hosting shared hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated servers, and managed WordPress hosting is a plus value to them.

My experience and what they offer 
After using their services for different domains and highly impressed I decided to try their managed WordPress solution called Steller which offers an elegant WordPress experience, all at an affordable price of  $8.88 per year And it's hosted on their high-performance servers, offering unparalleled performance...other additional features are:

  • Quick WordPress setup

This plan offers one an easy to install and get started with WordPress blogging/designing and approximately it can take one up to 30 to 40 minutes to set up all with a click of a few buttons 

  • 5GB of SSD Storage
One is given or you get 5 GB worth of SSD storage which is adequate for most blogs and startup website.

  • Free Domain (
Yes read right Namecheap gives a free .website TLD to get started with free, if you don,t have money to buy yourself a free domain, or if you prefer other TLDs then you search on their site and buy at an affordable price.... like early stated they are the best in that business

  • Easy backups
No need of stressing oneself or worrying about way of bucking or saving information has one can easily back up information and use it later when the site is hacked or when there is a problem with the current site/blog

  • 24/7/365 Support from Namecheap’s Customer Service Team
One of the most interesting things about this plan is the amazing support you get when you get into trouble or need to know something for instance after I bought this plan I used the free domain I was given but later on I wanted to use my own, so I contacted their support and I assisted greatly  with no compromise

  • Up to 3 Sites
Well yes, you read correctly Namecheap offers a plan that allows one to host up to 3 sites or blogs on one plan something that is not given out by other web hosting platforms, which may be attributed to the fact that unlike other reselling companies Namecheap is an independent company.

So my final conclusion is that if you are new to WordPress or blogging you want to jump start your experience look no further that Namecheap.


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