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Uzi Zambia's 4 th mobile network

Uzi Zambia limited the fourth mobile network in Zambia

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Uzi Zambia limited the fourth mobile network in Zambia, Zambia information communication and technology authority ZICTA has awarded a license to a Ditch based company; Unitel international holding BV, to operate as a fourth mobile network in Zambia. The network name is Uzi which may stand for Unitel Zambia international or Unitel Zambia limited...

Here are some sparking questions local people may try to know

1.Who/what is Uzi...?
2.Who/what Unitel international holding BV
3.What is their capital investment in Zambia..?
4.what is their network presence in Zambia ...

Honestly, information about Uzi or Unitel international holding BV is hard to find online, only in small segments, not even a Google or Bing search could land me all the information I really wanted to put a good full blog post about here is little from what I found

1. What/ who are Uzi....?
Like I earlier stated Uzi Zambia limited is a new and fourth telecommunication mobile network service provider. It was granted a 15 years working license by ZICTA  on the 19 Marc, 2018 and the company said to be connected to Unitel international holding BV...

 2. Who/what is Unitel international holding BV..?
Unitel international holding BV is a Dutch company based in Amsterdam, Netherlands formerly known as Jadeium BV. According to online source the company was opened in 2015 and it is partly owned by Africa's richest woman by the name of Isabel dos Santos, the daughter of the former leader of Angola..much information wasn't still available about Unitel international holding BV online except of what you have read and a company profile on LinkedIn where is listed to have only two employees of course Isabel Dos Santos, another man  and 21 followers including me ...kind of funny

photo credit: oxfordafricon
3. What is Uzi's capital investment in Zambia...?
Uzi Zambia limited is said to invest about $350 million which may be equivalent to k3500, 000.000 when I round off the dollar/ kwacha ratio to $1=k10 and it said to create about 450 direct employment to Zambian people...

4.What is the network presence in Africa
The company has 3 subsidiaries operating mobile network in the following  countries

  1. Unitel Cape verde
  2. Unitel Angola
  3. Unitel sao tome and prinipe 
More information comming soon


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