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7 best marketing for small business

The best marketing for small business

The best marketing tips for small business for growth, So now that you have managed to successfully set up a perfect business that you've always dreamt of, the feeling is so thrilling and can't wait to see a huge number of customers flocking in and of course, increasing revenues right? Well usually things don't happen like that and somehow causes a lot of frustrations.....But guess what you are not the only one many businesses went through that difficult moment before been where they are and that's why in this post am sharing with you the best 7 marketing for small business.....

1.Keep the place CLEAN
This is an important rule for business growth, health issues are a big problem nowadays that's why people are always on alert, so maintain a clean environment has it will not only attract more people but they will spread word about that nice clean shop, a restaurant they visited than a dirty one, ensure that the products are also nicely packaged or served properly if you run a food place and remember TABLES CLEAN ALWAYS.

2.Advertise in Newspapers
Newspaper companies are a great way of spreading 
a word about your business, newspapers are read by millions of people all over the world, as they try to check the latest in politics, stocks and sports chances are very high they will see your business, the services you offer and may decide to pay a visit.

3.Advertise on Radio
Nearly everyone at some point of the day will learn to the radio, that's why advertising your business on the radio will definitely pay off and improve your customer turn out, of which it is great for short Radio advertisement increase the chance of your brand reaching millions of local audience...

4.Create Business card and Brochure
I know you are like business cards that's old school... but they say 'old is Gold'. Business cards are still a great of letting people know more about your business... By the way (BTW) if people go digital go digital as well nowadays there is always an android app for everything including business cards and don't underestimate the power of brochures, take time to create those eye-catching brochures that display well items on sale, price and more information about your business.

Learn to network with other people doing the same business as you... they say 'no man is island' which is very true if you decide to do everything by yourself without interacting anyone...chance of failing is no hard feeling let go of a few secrets by networking (sharing info about business) which is great and will allow one to find information on trending business as well as catch up...

6.Attend business meetings
Attend a business meeting or seminar more like the above tip but slightly different is the sense that on a seminar there is only one person the main benefit of attending a business seminar is that you will exchange business cards, info, deals among attendants and who knows maybe even find a client...

7.Go Social 
Nowadays everyone is one on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google plus etc)...So invest some time open a page on social media and your goods and services there. You may not get a customer instantly but I can guarantee you your brand presence will be increased. Social media allows business owners to interact with their customers.

so that is these are the best 7 marketing for small business growth......still reading ok awesome here is a bonus secret..if you like it share it

8.Offer Exclusive Deals
This does not just end with giving your valued customers discounts over things, free meals or products but entails that you should offer things like DStv, free internet which they will greatly appreciate because nearly everyone has a smartphone and a very critical one ALWAYS offer good customer care and attention..

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