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5 Business Start Up Ideas For You To Consider

5 Business Start Up Ideas For You To Consider

Todd Chin

If you've always dreamt of starting your own business, here are some very good business start up ideas. These ideas will help you to grow and achieve your dreams follow them and you won't regret.

1 An easy to manage low budget idea is setting up vending machines. You can set up vending machines at different locations throughout the city. You can start off with the as little as one vending machine and depending on your income you can expand you horizons. Depending on how strategically you place your machine your income might vary. A very lucrative solution that gradually lets you expand and diversify. Example of such business is mobile money outlets

2. If you love interacting with people, Admats might be a solution for you. Advertising in the form of mats or "Admats" at local restaurant and other public places can get you very high revenues. All you need to do is convince the respective owner of the restaurant or the place in question to display your "Admats". Obtain a commission for every purchase resulted from the "Admats". It offers high prospects for diversification and expansion.

3. Decorating bedroom interiors is also another popular business. Also requiring very little initial investment, this business can be diversified into decorations of not only bedrooms but entire homes once the required capital is reached. Giving great scope for growth and diversification, this is a very lucrative option.

4. Sell mineral Water

 With the increasing costs of water and the declining quality of it, setting up a small RO(reverse osmosis) water treatment plant, which of course will require a small initial investment, you can market packaged and pure drinking water to members of your community. With increase in popularity, you can expand your business.

5. Selling other companies products

Marketing tracking devices for both personal and commercial use is an industry that has less than 10% of its full potential tapped into. This is a field that offers high rewards with the promise of high residual income as well resulting from recurring need of technical assistance from you.

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