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7 most important characteristics of an entrepreneur

7 most important characteristics of an entrepreneur

7 most important characteristics of an entrepreneur, successful people have certain things/behaviours or traits in common that put them ahead of the others in the competition. If your aim is to be a very successful person, there are certain traits that must be seen in you and you must start exhibiting. Hence the following are the 7 most important characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.

1. It's a lifestyle, not a career
This is the most important trait modern entrepreneurs must understand, the lifestyle one chooses when they take the journey of entrepreneurship is not EASY, it requires one to somewhere abandon a lot of social norms and expectations ( such as being in a relationship, going out with friends, parting e.t.c ) so has to enable one to concentrate on the projects they are working on. In short you need to have the go get it attitude.....

when people say 'entrepreneurs are risk takers' it does not mean that they do things without proper thinking, so be careful with this, what it really means is that they take calculated risks, they know what is going to happen should the project fail, how to go around the cause of failure and they definitely learn a lot from it... 

Creativity is defined as the ability to take what is already in existence and modify it into something new...This is the third trait of successful people, they see the need to solve problems by making something new, good looking and yet effective to it task.

4.Need for Achievements
They have a strong or burning desire for achievement or to make it with whatever they are working on. At times they are faced with situations beyond there control but they always see themselves up there on rejoicing with the fruits of their labour, no wonder they don't seem to shake even if they are told 'they won't make it' by naysayers. 

5.Need for Autonomy
Most successful entrepreneurs strive for independence, in fact, it is this need for depending on oneself that drives them to take the journey to become entrepreneurs, they hate the aspect of waking early morning reporting to someone and seeking approval to carry out different duties or tasks

Entrepreneurs have unquestionable confidence. Confidence is the absence of doubt or is the feeling ones get when they unquestionable information about something. They believe in what they are doing and they only can at times see the outcome of there sweat.

7.Time bound attitude
You can't be a successful entrepreneur when you don't know the day or time you will execute your project/s. Most entrepreneurs know how to value time and the importance of executing on time..So when you decide to take this trip be ready to set an execution dates for all your projects and adhere to your plan.

8. Love Learning
Let NO ONE deceive you learning never ends and most successful entrepeneurs understand that, in fact, i once read on my Facebook timeline that an average C.E.O read atleat 5 plus books a month.  so develop a good reading culture not for the seek of reading real learning.

That's the 7 most important characteristics of an entrepreneur

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