Follow my blog with Bloglovin The best 6 reasons why Google Blogger is better than WordPress

The best 6 reasons why Google Blogger is better than WordPress

The best 6 reasons why Google Blogger is better than WordPress

6 reasons why Google Blogger is better than WordPres Blogger is Google’s blogging platform acquired in 2003 .it’s one of the best content management systems (CMS) that’s new and professional bloggers can use to create a stunning looking blog and share their word. It is ranked second from its rival WordPress which other pro-bloggers crowned has the best blogging platform, an issue which leaves a bit of controversy on the internet often leaving new bloggers confused  either should they stay with blogger  or move that’s why I decides to put up a list of 6 reasons why blogger better than WordPress….

1.No unnecessary update

Blogger has no unnecessary update that one would find at WordPress, WordPress claims that they conduct these update to stay up to date with security issues and avoid hackers, crashing etc.… very true but to a busy blogger/ writer with 6 to 10 blog this is so frustrating, today one updates’ a theme, tomorrow plugins, the other day its WordPress itself….seriously …….. But blogger updates are rare and when they come it’s a one-time thing, one can even damage anything when updating.

2.Safe and secure

Google maintains blogger and keeps its secure for bloggers when last did you hear that blogs have been hacked me never, which gives the comfort of blogging without the worry of hackers, spam, and malware.

3.Free for all is a free blogging platform for all, so long as one has a Google account, because it’s one of Google’s products, you don’t need to worry about money for hosting, in fact, your blog will go live in a click of a button, but I would urge to buy a custom domain and move away from

4.Make money

With blogger one can easily make money even with a subdomain .b something that is not allowed in other blogging platform and many ad networks. Inside the dashboard, one can easily apply for AdSense when their blogs are eligible and designs to earn as soon as there are approved. In addition, one can implement affiliate links and earn through sales of products.

5.No downtime
With blogger, there are no down times. One is able to have a blog online 24/7 for long as they want; there are no situations when was down because of huge traffic spikes, CPU overuse or our rages, bandwidth……in short blogger is firm. A Common blogger one is going to expect on WordPress and often requires money to solve temporary.

6.Easy to use

Creating a blog on blogger is a more like a plug and play thing, it very simple and easy to setup than it would be on WordPress. No need of technical knowledge but is required for those whose wish to make use of third party template.

So that’s these are the 6 simple reason why Blogger is better than WordPress

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