Follow my blog with Bloglovin 5 Best Networks/Platforms where Bloggers and Brands connect

5 Best Networks/Platforms where Bloggers and Brands connect

5 Best Networks/Platforms where Bloggers and Brands connect

The 5 best networks/Platforms where bloggers and brands connect,...Hello bloggers, would you like to work with different brands and get sponsored gigs to review and promote their products and services , if yes awesome because in this article or post am sharing with you some insights on how to get sponsored post to review and the best 5 networks bloggers can easily join and connect with brands……..but ,before I list the networks,,,here are a few things or tips one must know in order to be ahead of the competition and for brands to notice you or your blog..

1.  Social media
Many brands look for bloggers with a good social media following and engagement as they will check for pages, group and friend list. So make sure that you take time and effort to create some pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc….

2.  Google analytic
Ensure that Google analytic is well integrated into your blog and it is collecting data about visitors and their behaviors. Most brands want to see traffic source, Geo, and traffic volumes.

3.  Custom domain
Make sure that you get a custom domain because it makes you and your blog look professional and people/brands are likely to take for you serious as compared to a subdomain…

4. Domain authority
This is the score your site or blog is given in terms how reliable and trusted to search engines, so each site is given a D.A and the best D.A need for one to get brands or sponsored post is at least 15 going upwards

so now here is the list if the best 5 networks were bloggers and brand connect

1.Inzpire :
This is a marketplace platform where brands and influencers can connect across multiple social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Website blogs, and Instagram. On this platform they have made it easy for the brands to connect with different bloggers of all niches, the platform is easy to use and intuitive even for newbies. All you have to do join and connect all social media account/blogs and let brands browse through and if they find your blog fit for the campaign they will book you...

 This is my second best option for sponsored content or paid opportunities. Brands of different niches either well established or new join this network to work with different addition, the dashboard of this platform is user-friendly and intuitive, plus they will send you a newsletter to inform you about any available gig that meets your preference........

This is a premier technology platform that connects marketers with influential creators to help automate influencer marketing and custom content development. Creators in our marketplace range from leading bloggers and social media personalities.....

Third on my list is Sidebuy, this is one of the best, classic, smart platform were bloggers and brands unite plus offers you a media kit. Sidebuy connects social influencers and bloggers to retailers and brands seeking exposures via promotional calls and to the targeted audience within your reach. What it means is that if you happen to have a large following on social media utilize it to promote different products and get paid for it and if you are a blogger like me well this is a great place to get sponsored gigs.
Influencer is the best content marketing platform for Agencies, Brands, and Creators around the world through its innovative software. We love social media and care deeply about making influencer marketing easy and scalable for everyone. We really like working with everyone; from start-ups to global brands and being a part of your journey to success.

6. Valued voices 
I found valued voices recently and I have not tried to see how it work but looking at the dashboard and other things it could be also another great network were brands and bloggers would connect perfectly well.

OK that's it these are the best five 5 networks or platforms were brands and bloggers can easily connect...

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  1. I've never heard of any of these. Thanks so much I am going to check them out

  2. Thanks for throwing light on available platforms to promote blog.Awsome!

  3. nice. once i start getting a bi more traffic i will need to try these

  4. Great list! I knew about Cooperatize but not the others. So good to see other options out there for marketing and connecting!

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