Follow my blog with Bloglovin how to open a blog on blogger in Zambia

how to open a blog on blogger in Zambia

how to open a blog on blogger in Zambia


How to create/open a blog/site in Africa, Asia, Zambia...Hello there, it's A great decision you have made to open a blog, welcome to this wonderful journey and am glad that you are also chosen to use google blogger, because this is one of the best blogging platform and in this post, I will walk you through all the steps required to set up a blog on blogger and go live in just minutes.....The following are some of the requirements you or should have access to:

1.A Google id or Gmail Account 

2.A computer 

3. Interest connection, this process is not done offline.

Without wasting much time, let begin the process

1. log into your Google account and head over to  and sign IN with your Google or Gmail account.

2. After signing to blogger, you will be told to continue with a google plus id or blogger I advise use google plus and then you will be presented with a ' create your blog in the middle of the page, great click there.

3. After That a new a pop-up window will appear with two boxes, in the first box you enter the desired blog name and in the second box, you will enter the desired URL or your wanted www. something

4. After you are done in step 3 choose any theme you want, don't worry you can always change later, when you are done click create

Congrats now you have a blog, what next 

5. by now you now see the full blogger dashboard and here is a quick guide on what all they are used for:

  • 1. Post- this is a part the that shows all the post on the blog either published or still in draft
  • 2. States- this is the part where you will checking blog visitors etc
  • 3.comment- this is the section for all comment management
  • 4. Earning- this is the part for all your blog earning, DON'T TOUCH THAT NOW. Read Adsense approval Process
  • 5.Campaign- for advertising your blog in google
  • 6. Pages -for all your blog page managemnet
  • 7. Layout- for your blog layout
  • 8. Themes- this is the section for all your theme changing 
  • 9. Setting- for all blog setting one wishes to make

6.Great now that you understand the blogger dashboard, it times to create the 4 most important pages that define your online presence: About us, contact us, privacy policy and disclaimer page, I  urge you to work on this for pages because without them then no Adsense no money for you. go the section on the dashboard that says page and create them.

7.GREAT, now you can go to post and create your first posts........................done that simple you have a blog on blogger for free...

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