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Flywheel Managed WordPress hosting review

Flywheel Managed WordPress hosting review

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Howdy !, welcome to my flywheel managed WordPress hosting review, did you know that WordPress is one of the best content management system (CMS) and its crown as the number 1 on the list of blogging platforms, for its awesome features.  But did you also know that WordPress without a reliable host is worthless and can make you cry in the bath turbo, that’s why in this post I introduce you to a clean, eye catching, slick and very reliable managed WordPress hosting company/ solution that suits your need FLYWHEEL…

So what is flywheel managed WordPress hosting? is a reliable, slick managed WordPress hosting solution you have been searching for, the company offers the best hosting services you won’t elsewhere and perfectly scaled for your budget and needs. The moment is checked their services I was highly impressed….like this is really very cool. The following are some of the great services you will find you decide to join the happy family at Flywheel.

Clean interface

I have seen a lot of WordPress hosting companies’ designs but none of caught my attention like flywheel did….this site has a slick, clean interface that’s well organized and allows to locate what you are looking for without a hustle and keeps you intrigued to know about the site and their services.

Staging area

Test your blog changes before you implement them on a live blog. Flywheel offers this important feature that allows you to test all changes, tweaks you would want to try without affecting a blog and without disturbing your blog visitors and finally implement the changes when satisfied with just a single click.

Designer’s masterpiece tool

Flywheel is a powerful tool for freelancers, creative agencies and web designers has it offers super features that one won’t ever find anywhere, such as; it allows designers to create free demo site/blogs for clients with awesome handy tools and also allows multiple designers to work on the same projects while the blog is still in its development stage.

No overage charges

Many WordPress managed hosting site has a tendency of charging an extra fee in case your blog get a traffic spike but with flywheel you won’t be charged for overages, leaving as a customer/blogger worry free in case Reddit send a million view to your blog.

Affordable price models

Flywheel offers affordable three pricing models perfectly suited for every client…tiny, personal and professional:
1.       Tiny
This is the lowest plan on flywheel best suited for new user or blog beginners and comes with the following goodies: 1 WordPress install, 5 GB disk space, 250 GB bandwidth and can accommodate 5000 monthly visitors at only $12.

2.       Personal
This is plan is best suited for bloggers who are at least have gone a good step ahead in blogging and receiving a fairly good amount of visitors and need more feature than those found in the tiny plan. This plan offer 1 WordPress install, 10 GB disk space, 500 GB bandwidth, 25000 visits, plus SSL certificate included at only $23

3.       Professional
This is flywheel’s biggest plan and best for well-established blogger/influencers and companies. This plan jam-packed with the following goodies: 20 GB total disk space, 1 TB bandwidth, SSL certificate, plus CDN, 1 WordPress install (unfortunately) and can save up to 100,000 total monthly visits.

Local development

Furthermore, Flywheel has developed a stress-free robust local WordPress development software about 500MBb in size that will allow designers to download the software, install WordPress, work offline, share URL of their project and in the coming day deploy a blog online with a click of a button.

Stunning Bill transfers

Flywheel is designed in such an amazing manners that designers can stress-free and effortlessly transfer the bill to their client to payment and take over the site/blog, once they are done with designing a blog.

Well this my review of Flywheel managed WordPress hosting, with these kinds of goodies web designing becomes super simplified and blogger it time you concentrate on what you do best without worry about those unnecessary update, back up and hacking all taken care of……………sign up today won't regret

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