Follow my blog with Bloglovin Adzlink/Adzbuzz for bloggers and publishers review

Adzlink/Adzbuzz for bloggers and publishers review

ADZlink/Adzbuzz for bloggers and  publishers review


Adzlink/Adzbuzz for bloggers and publishers...Here my brief review of a new way blogger/publisher can make money using Adzlink and benefit from cryptocurrency using Adzlink.

What is Adzlink?

Adzlink is the new way publishers/blogger of all niches either; fashion, Blogging, tech, parenting in short of all niches will now make money and get value for their effort (blogging, I mean who doesn’t want to make money from blogging, well me I do), and with Adzlink one can even if the user have installed an ads-blocking apps, software or add-ons to their browsers and it also helps to drive more traffic to blogs and publisher’s blogs with the ADZnouncher.

How do publishers/blogger earn?

Blogger/ publisher can earn just in the same manner they do by putting ads on their blog, but this time, not a big ads about a small little bee like icon will be placed on the blogger/ publishers blog and also blogger will be paid in cryptocurrency called Adzcoin a crypt-coin that is gaining value year after year.

Who/ what type of blogger are is eligible for Adzlink?

Any blogger or publisher who one 1. A custom domain and 2. He/she is able to edit the template of their blog and in case of WordPress, it only supported in self-hosted as that’s the only way one can install the ADZbuzz plugin. Meaning blogger is also welcome which is mostly used by many people because it’s free.

Is it worth it?

Well, my honest answer is that the future of this project looks promising for both small and well-established bloggers regardless of geographical location, for instance, i am in Zambia because the ADZbuzz project has a lot of services that they are offering. And have used the Adzlink for about 4 months and have earned 500 Adzcoin and the value of this coin at the moment is $0.043333 which that my total earning is 500 x $0.043333= $ 21,

pic of my earning in 4 to 5 months

Note: This is cryptocurrency so anything can happen, it can go down or raise….. But one thing for sure is that should the value of this coin go up like the Bitcoin which is trading at $4000 per coin, bingo jackpot.

So how can one join the ADZbuzz and make use of this Adzlink?

Simple at the moment the project is invited only but no need to worry here is the link and the invitation (1df32fffcd857641288b0f236230fe9a) code to you started. also read how to add adzlink to blogger

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